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Apr 25 2013

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Baseball World’s Instruction 3 VHS Video Collection: Guide to Strength and Conditioning / Professional Bunting Techniques / Defensive Strategies 101 [3 VHS Videos]


Contains 3 VHS videos. Baseball World presents 3 quality instructional videos that get proven results. 1) GUIDE TO BASEBALL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING. Through the special techniques presented, you will become acquainted with biomechanical strengthening techniques, plyometric power drills, injury prevention exercises. 2) PROFESSIONAL BUNTING TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES. Featuring professional scouts and instructor Tom Emanski and Shawn Pender. “Through the exciting techniques presented you will become a bunting expert, both strategically and technically.” 3) DEFENSIVE STRATEGIES 101. An instructional video that makes any coach look like a strategies expert. Learn standard positioning of infielders and outfielders; excellent bunt defe

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