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Apr 15 2013

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Cutoffs, Bunts, & 1st/3rd Defenses, Done Right


“Cutoffs, Bunts & 1st/3rd Defenses, Done RIght” presents 20 detailed animated lessons narrated by PlayBallAcademy.com co-founders Coach Steve Rau and Coach Blake Barthol who have taught these defenses hundreds of times and give you every little detail of how to run cutoffs, defend the 1st and 3rd steal situations, and run bunt coverages. This DVD gives baseball coaches a unique way of presenting defense lessons, through computer generated player movements backed up by detailed explanations.This is a must have for any coach that is unsure of how to run baseball situations that are the difference between winning and losing games.Cutoffs, Bunts, & 1st/3rd Defenses, is also great for high school coaches to use a learning tool for players to vi

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