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Aug 01 2013

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Demarini CF5-9 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Demarini CF5-9 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Demarini CF5-9 Fastpitch Softball Bat Rating:
List Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $195.00
(as of 08/01/2013 14:14 UTC - Details)

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Product Description

Behold the Power of her Royal Badness; the bat of champions. The CF5-8 and-9 were purposely built for the elite player who needs a bat as hungry for power as she is. with the smallest length-to-weight ratio possible, the-8 and-9 give even the fiercest swings extra pop. Our new TR3 F.L.O composite technology optimizes performance and balance to keep up with the demanding needs of the players swining her daily.


  • In Chaos, DeMarini Found Strength: TR3 F.L.O. TR3 F.L.O (Fused Layer Optimized) Composite is a cutting edge formation of DeMarini's TR3 composite.
  • Get over the fence in half the time: Half + Half Construction. DeMarini's Half + Half construction, the revolutionary two-piece hitting system introduced that silence feedback on off-center hits and creates the largest
  • As if it needed an exclamation point: Clutch End Cap. Developed for exclusive use with DeMarini composite barrels, the Clutch End-Cap returns impact energy straight to the barrel

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