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Apr 23 2013

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Demarini Vengeance-3 BBCOR Baseball Bat (Red/Black, 32-Inch/29-Ounce)


DeMARINI Vengeance Alloy Baseball Bats Maximum Power With Every Swing The Versus bat has a uniquely shaped barrel to give it ultimate performance. This unique shape actually makes the barrel longer and thus increases the sweetspot. DeMARINI Vengeance Alloy Baseball Bat features: SC4 alloy provides sensational pop, durability, and strength Long Barrel Technology gives players the longest hitting surface and maximum barrel diameter Rotation Index creates even break-in and extends the life of the bat Thickness tuned to deliver the optimal structure and sweetspot Stiff flex gives players the utmost power on every swing Hybrid performance grip with thin performance feel 2 5/8″ barrel BBCOR certified 1-Year Warranty Length/Weight (-3): 31″-28 oz

Sale Price: $52.99

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