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May 08 2013

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DeMarini Voodoo 2014 (-3) DXVDC Adult Baseball Bat BBCOR, 32/29


The all new for 2014 Voodoo from DeMarini now has a bigger sweet spot that ever. Wicked and sinister with a deathly stare… this bat will haunt the other team’s nightmares. Featuring an X10 Alloy barrel joined to the all new Paradox composite handle, DeMarini conjured up one of the highest performing aluminum bats on the market with the Voodoo. The X10 alloy barrel walls are fine-tuned and shaped as thin as possible to keep the weight down and the sweet spot bigger than ever. DeMarini’s RKC knob allows the bat to rest comfortably on your hand. Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from DeMarini. New 2014 Model! -3 Length to Weight Ratio Paradox Composite Handle X10 Alloy Barrel Ion V End Cap Taper Ring Technology RKC Knob 2 5/8 Inch

Sale Price: $299.95

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