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Aug 03 2013

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Easton Stealth CNT 29/17 LST10

Easton Stealth CNT 29/17 LST10

Easton Stealth CNT 29/17 LST10 Rating:
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Product Description

Add-A-Cleat PromotionThe Easton Stealth CNT LST10 Little League Baseball Bat features Sc900™ Scandium alloy with Advanced Metal Matrix™ formula. Flex Rated 70 composite handle provides increased flex twith Opti-Flex™ CNT composite handle technology. CXN™ alloy design maximizes handle “kick” point and efficiently transfers energy from handle to barrel for ultimate “whip” through the hitting zone for increased power. VRS™ 90 Rating – Vibration Reduction System offers excellent feel while helping eliminate sting. 2 ¼” Monster barrel design – longer barrel for larger sweet spot and more contact. -12 oz. weight ratio. 28", 29", 30", 31”, 32" lengths.


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