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May 02 2013

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How to Hit a Baseball: Step by Step Guide to Hitting


After 10 years of testing and over 80 broken hitting records, the Hubie Magic Hitting System has become the key to the “Perfect Swing.” The inventor, Mike Huber, Ingeniously combined Ted Williams’ swing with the explosive biomechanics of Martial Arts to create the Hubie Magic Hitting System. Learning to hit a baseball the Hubie Magic way, means you and/or your team will hit the ball harder than they ever have before, increase bat speed by 5-15mph, hit at least 50 pts. higher than normal batting average, hit the ball 15-75 feet farther, always stay back and hit for power to all fields. It is the only hitting system that improves batting average and slugging percentage simultaneously. Coaches who learn this hitting system and teach it

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