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Apr 21 2013

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Louisville Slugger 2012 TPX BB12EX2 (-3) Exogrid 2 Baseball Bat; 33in./30oz.


TPX Louisville Slugger BB12EX2 -3 EXOGRID 2 meets BBCOR bat standards. AC21 Scandium alloy and Exogrid 2 Hybrid Handle technology create the stiffest handle on the market which provides greater barrel flex and greater performance. Internal Power Disk Barrel Technology allows the barrel to flex to the mamimum allowable performance limit of .50 BBCOR. The Exogrid Power disks are made of lightweight composite materials allowing the barrel to flex while also reducing weight. Competitor internal disks are made of steel and thus are heavier and do not allow the walls to flex to the performance limit of .50. Unlike other BBCOR models the Exogrid 2 has a very blananced swing weight, greater barrel flex and better performance, the closest per

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