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May 04 2013

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Louisville Slugger 2013 Bbcor Omaha Baseball Bat, 31-Inch/28-Ounce


The new 2013 Louisville Slugger BB136 -3 Omaha BBCOR bat has been the most popular bat for over 11 years running at the high school and college level and helped the University of Arizona Rock Omaha and Accomplish their Mission by winning the 2012 National Championship title in record fashion. The 2013 Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR bat is drastically improved over generation 2 BBCOR bats. It swings, sounds and feels like your old BESR bat. How did Louisville Slugger improve its BBCOR performance in the 2013 Omaha BBCOR bat? Through the revolutionary Composite Flex Band Technology that was simply bonded to a BESR bat shell wall providing the new lightweight, balanced design for a longer sweet spot and greater bat speed. Rather than thicken t

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