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Apr 28 2013

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SwingAway Pro XXL Hitting Machine


The SwingAway PRO- XXL – is the Largest SwingAway Model available and stands 6” Taller than the former PRO Model making this machine the strongest and most durable Hitting Machine ever built. The Pro-XXL was designed by former MLB Players and Coaches to meet the constant demands of the Professional Athlete. The SA PRO- XXL has gone through brutal Testing by Top College and High School Programs plus the top Hitting Facilities in the world passing with flying colors. The SwingAway allows the batter to position the ball anywhere inside the strike zone. When hitting, the ball it is never out of control. It strikes the net in a way that allows the batter to see the trajectory of each batted ball. The ball is safely but quickly returned to it

Sale Price: $275.00

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