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Apr 15 2013

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The Louisville Slugger® Complete Book of Hitting Faults and Fixes : How to Detect and Correct the 50 Most Common Mistakes at the Plate


For a baseball player, there is nothing more frustrating than struggling at the plate. Hitters–no matter how accomplished–experience hitting slumps, for both mechanical and mental reasons. Their challenge–and yours–is to contain them for a short period of time. The Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Hitting Faults and Fixes identifies the sources of fifty distinct hitting faults that lead to problem swings and includes drills specifically designed to help you correct them. The step-by-step approach starts from the ground up, including: Problems in the stance: hot feet, poor positioning in the box Pre-swing movements: no coil in torso, overstriding, hitching before swinging Hip rotation and weight transfer: lit

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